Question Why isn’t my pc starting properly after an upgrade?

Jun 23, 2019
I had a pc that I built myself with an i3-6100 and b150m as the motherboard and cpu. I replaced them today with an I 5-9400f and b360m bazooka motherboard.

As far as I can tell everything is connected properly. Power to the motherboard, cpu power, GPU power, cpu and system fans, power button, hard drives and ssd’s, audio and USB. I might be forgetting one or two things.

The GPU, cpu+cooler and ram are all seated properly. There’s no display on my monitors, which are connected to the graphics card (GTX 1080) by HDMI for one monitor and DVI for the other. All that happens is the red lights of the computer light up (illuminated fans and aesthetic lighting on the case) and the fans spin. Doesn’t sound like anything else is happening.

Also I had the motherboard updated for my new 9 series cpu when I bought it, as I don’t know anyone with an 8 series I could’ve borrowed.


Update your post to include full system hardware specs regarding everything connected.

Especially PSU.

Do you have the User Manual for the B350m?

If not:

Use the manual to check all components, connections, and associated configuration settings. E.g., BIOS.

Read carefully and take your time. Details matter.

Refer to the applicable sections to confirm the meaning of the red LEDs.

Strip out/unplug/disable all cosmetic components and boot with as simple as possible hardware configuration.