Question Why isnt my benq zowie xl2546 connecting with my 1070 ti windows 10 for dual monitors?

May 23, 2020
I have a benq zowie 144hz XL2430 currently working fine with any of my display ports on my gpu, i bought a benq zowie xl2546 and it cannot be detected. I have tried it in my motherboard display port and it worked but then my other monitor is no longer detectible. i have enabled multi monitor on my bios and checked each port with my original monitor. I had success only with the HDMI port with the new monitor=but that limits my hz so i am not satified and it still didnt detect my second monitor.

I took my monitor up to a different pc and it worked instantly on dual (one DP and one hdmi both on same gpu) so i think its an issue with my windows or gpu that i cannot figure out myself.. ive uninstalled nvdia and disabled the 1070 ti in device manager to enable it again and have no changes.

I also updated the drivers and then my intel -- assuming its my motherboard added itself to my display adapters .. nothing else really changed.

I'm stuck with my old set up and the goal is to have my new monitor running 240 hz off my gpu display port and my old monitor running off my gpu display port as well at 144hz or less , so i can run a game on my main screen and have discord or// other webbrowerss companion things open on my secondmonitor please help !!.. ;3 my birthday is monday so id like to have it solved before the 25th! thank you