Question Why isn't my computer booting?

Aug 28, 2018
I just built a new system. The motherboard died, so I got a new one. Then the power supply died and I got a new one. I knew the power supply died because it was previously working and then none of the lights were turning on. I assumed I must've of killed it with static while replacing cables. I then bought a new one, which worked. I cable managed, not unplugging one thing. I then sprayed it with air. It now doesn't have any lights coming on or anything. Is it something I did? Do I buy a new power supply?
when doing anything inside of the PC, always completely shut down the computer, AND flip the little switch on the PSU, then unplug the PSU, then press and hold the power button on the case for 10 seconds to drain any residual energy.
This will keep you from having any kind of issue with shorting anything out.

Also be aware of any static build up on your person.
Never mess with stuff while on carpet.

But now that you've put the new PSU in, have you made sure to flip the switch on the back of it to the ON position?
possible, but unlikely.

Try bread boarding your system, and while you are doing that, double and triple check that everything is plugged in properly.

especially the 24pin for the motherboard, if it's not plugged in by even a hairline, it can end up not working. It's surprisingly quite sensitive to that sort of thing, which I guess is a good thing when you think about it.

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