Question Why isn't my front panel USB 3 recieving enough power?


Feb 19, 2017
Hello, I recently built my PC. When I plugged in my USB Pen Drive into the USB 3 slot, it didn't load in Windows 10, but at the bottom right on the background processes a USB symbol flashed in and off at intervals. OK? So i made a bootable USB out of it to see if the BIOS would boot. It didn't even recognise it. I tried it on the back of the MOBO ports. Worked fine on Windows 10 and Bios. OK. So then i plugged my USB for the lights on my headset into the USB 2.0 slots at the front. They just flat out didn't work. So i tried the 3.0 slot. It came on! But it was quite dim. So I'm clueless. Why aren't my fron't panel USB 2s not working and why does my usb 3 not receieve enough power for no apparent reason? Any help would be massively appriciated thanks!

(Sidenote, I also tried the USB on the 2.0 slots, it didn;'t work either.)

MOBO: Asus Prime B450-PLUS
Case: Aerocool Cylon Temp Glass - White edition.