Info Why it seems to be very little hope for the upcoming consoles PlayStation/Xbox

gizmo j

Oct 12, 2013
The original Xbox had a GPU with 20gflops.

The Xbox 360 had a GPU with 240 gflops which is 12x more powerful

The Xbox One had a GPU with 1.310 tflops which is 5.4x more powerful.

The Xbox One X has a GPU with 6 tflops which is 4.5x more powerful

However, with the current state of GPUs, a GPU that is about 2x as powerful would be a RTX2080 which cost $750 which is way over the budget for a console.

There has not been a steady increase of GPU performance.
That's the same little hope that has been for PC graphics cards. Since the GTX 1080 Ti, we have seen little value from new GPUs. They either cost twice as much or provide marginal increases in performance. The RTX 2080 cost just as much as the 1080 Ti and did not provide an increase in performance at all. It did however provide the new ray-tracing acceleration support and an increase in performance there. So, there's that hope for consoles.. whatever that's worth.