Question Why my 1TB in my hdd caddy ( Optical Drive) not detected

Mar 7, 2019
Hi Good morning and sorry for my english and please understand what i'm saying thank you!
1TB and 240gb ssd
I did clone from hdd to ssd before I restart my laptop I saw in storage management or this pc that my ssd is detecting (hdd is in the main and ssd is on the caddy and detected so it's sure that the caddy is working) and after the clone (clonezilla boot) is done but not successfully clone so I switched the position of hdd and ssd , (now the ssd is on the main drive and the hdd is on the caddy and still detected on clonezilla) but I remember that my method of cloning was wrong and I switched it again and it's working now, when i checked 1tb is not detected in the bios ( , but when I go to bootable clonezilla my 1tb hdd is detected I can even see through my files there but then on my pc and go to storage management still not existing what should I do. Thank you

Aspire e14 e5-473-56yb

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