Question Why my dedicated memory is not used ?

Jul 20, 2021
I have a intel pentium PC with 4gb ram. I set igd memory to maximise in bios.And change registry and increased the memory to 512mb.Now in the display adapter it shows 572mb.And while I run msi khombustor,it shows 0% dedicated gpu usage in task manager. I dont have a gpu, the application uses shared memory instead of the 572mb dedicated memory.
All the graphics settings is set to be high performance.
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Your Haswell IGP doesn't have any dedicated memory. All it can use is shared system memory, and no matter how much of that you set aside for the GT1 IGP that doesn't turn it into dedicated memory.

0% usage of something you don't have installed sounds correct to me. Any other number would be extremely suspect.
It's because anything reported as dedicated by the iGPU is to make applications happy when polling for dedicated memory. Windows appear to no longer cordon off a block of memory exclusively for iGPUs, as Windows can allow GPUs in general to leave stuff anywhere in system memory as needed.