Why my dvd writer can not burn dvd


May 3, 2012
hello, today when i burned a dvd on my laptop and then put it on my player then it said that video does not support codec. i have download new codecs and so on nothing seemed to be working please kindly help me

What exactly are you trying to do?

Are you trying to burn a home made movie to a DVD - and try to play it on a different DVD player?

Most likely what is happening is that you might have encoded your home video into a different CODEC than what your DVD player can handle. For example if you encoded with XVID and your player doesn't support it...it won't be able to play the content.


One of the most common errors when burning a DVD for playback in a common player is to choose the wrong DVD format. The burning software offers you several choices. If you plan to play back on any "standard" DVD player, the safest choice is to have it burn a Movie type of DVD. This can contain one or several "movies", with a simple menu to choose which to play. Once you choose this and set up all its contents, the software probably will take time to convert the original files into videos that use a codec almost universal for DVD players.

If you burn just the original files to the DVD, that disk is actually a DVD disk full of data files, and few DVD players can handle those at all. This type of disk is good for copying files from one computer to another, or even for making a disk you can "play" on a second computer that has the right codecs and playback software. But not for playback on a DVD player.