Question Why My GPU's tempature is rising even when its idle.

May 21, 2019
I bought a new PC from Ibuypower. And for a month was running smoothly. but after a week ago My graphic's card tempature was rising even Idle. and When I tried to Play agame then it crash and give me Error: application was blocked from accesing graphics hardware. Need a solution for this any Ideas?
First of all, provide FULL PC specs. Which GPU model/brand is it ?? What's the exact TEMP value in IDLE mode ? And what about the GPU usage and load in idle mode ? Do you have any BITCOIN MINING VIRUS on your system by any chance ? Scan your PC by using any AV/anti-malware software.

Are you using a FRESH installed copy of Windows OS ? Can you restore back your OS to some other point ? Also, I assume all your system files, device drivers, firmware and BIOS are fully updated ??

You might be getting this error, ""Application has been blocked from accessing Graphics hardware"", which could happen if the OS files are either corrupt, missing, and/or damaged. But there are few other causes as well. For the time being, try running the "System File Checker" and the 'DISM' Windows commands

Type cmd in the search box. Then right-click on Command Prompt to select Run as administrator. Click YES if prompted by a User Account Control/UAC Window. Then Type sfc /scannow and press Enter. Wait for the scanning to be 100% completed.

After that, type the following commands and press the Enter key.

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Scanhealth (This command scans for component store corruption, but does not correct any issues).

DISM.exe /Online /Cleanup-image /Restorehealth (The /RestoreHealth parameter runs a scan for corruption and attempts to repair any issues that it finds automatically).

Restart your OS after doing all this. I would also recommend scanning the REGISTRY for any corrupt/missing entries. If the issue persists, then we need to check the Hardware, or look for some other solution. Is that a brand NEW card ? There are few more tips to help resolve this issue which you are facing. But from the distorted image which you have posted above, it looks your GPU might be having some fault as well.

Doing a CLEAN and a fresh OS install won't hurt either. But keep this as a last resort.
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May 21, 2019
These are My PC Specs: Intel Core i7-9700k CPU @ 3.60Hz
Installed RAM 16.0 GB
64 Operating System
Graphics card: NVIDIA GEFORCE RTX 2060 GIGABYTE AORUS. The system is brand new just bought it like last month. And I tried all the System Checkers, and I cleaned my PC twice. But still not working.


Get GPU-Z from here and run it, go to Sensors tab and see what's going on.

When idle GPU load must be something around 1-3%.

If no graphic-intensive application is running and the GPU is running at higher than that some kind of bad code or malware must be using your GPU, as mentioned above, probably for mining.


My memory controller load is 2% at idle your is 15% in this shot. Does it stay higher than 10% or this is because you just launched GPU-Z?

Maybe something is using the card in the background.

Did you have a browser window open while taking this shot? The are some mining scripts running on some pages and when you visit them they use the CPU or GPU for mining.

I would as @Metal Messiah. said scan for malware.


No not Tom's Hardware obviously but I've seen is quite a lot, people insert some mining script in their web page which uses system resources from unsuspecting visitors.

What's the ambient temps like there and how's the ventilation inside the case? The card shouldn't be running at 50C at idle. There memory controller is higher than it should be then again GPU load at the time of that screenshot is 3% max.

Also check nvidia control panel power settings under 'Manage 3D settings' and see if it's on 'Prefer maximum performance'. See if changing that to 'Optimal power' makes any difference and lowers voltage and power from around 13watts.

Wait for others to post but it might actually be a faulty card if that's not a normal temp for RTX 2060 GIGABYTE AORUS at idle which I don't think is.
May 10, 2019
50 at idle is normal dunno what ur guys virus probs are but wth. A gtx between 40 50 c idle is normal. Do your fans spin on the card. How are your fans mounted?