Question why my graphics card crashing with white dots? (AMD Radeon HD 7950 series)

Aug 10, 2021
Hello everyone, a few days ago I give my PC to the technical to fix it because the graphics card one day that worked perfectly fine just crashed with vertical lines on the screen. Then I reboot my PC and nothing happened (it seems it was just a regular crash, but no). Then a few minutes passed and the PC crashed again the same way and when I reboot it, it wasn't opening. I tried a lot of times to open it but it wasn't opening, (i didn't know what to do), my last chance was to give the PC to the technical to fix it. Then a couple of weeks passed and I finally get the PC fixed from the technical and he said that the graphics card was the problem and he changes its thermal paste and worked, (but the story doesn't end here). A couple of days passed and the graphics card worked well. Then one day when I was playing a game suddenly the PC crashed again but differently with stutters in the screen and closed. I reboot it and it was saying that the windows don't open propertly and it needed to reset-format it to work, so I did that and when I boot it up it worked, like when I mean worked it was working perfectly and it also played games with the graphics card working just fine. Then little white squares appeared on the screen and the screen went black and I take the risk to open the pc and unplug the graphics card from the 1s PCI express and put the card into the 2nd PCI express and then I boot up my PC when I was done and it wasn't opening but a couple of hours later the PC crash again with white squares and I didn't have any idea what to do. Please, someone, reply with a solution, (any reply will be helpful).

PS: the problem is clearly the graphics card, the computer with the CPU that has build-in graphics without a graphics card is working.


Sounds like failing VRAM, which is not repairable. Not much a technician could do other than changing the thermal paste and seeing if it worked. That you're using a rather junky PSU with this GPU increased the probability of the GPU failing sooner or later.
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