Why my HP pavilion g6 is too slow


Aug 28, 2012
my hp pavilion g6, it's core i5-2410m 2.30ghz (which should be too fast), it lags when clicking, opening programs, surfing internet, gaming (stops about 5 seconds when gaming then the game comes back then the lagging starts again and again) and etc... I recovered it to factory setting, nothing changed.

So can you tell me what the problem is?if it's hardware problem please let me know?

Thanks :)
Welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums,
My first suspicion here would be heat issues. Is the keyboard warm, bordering hot around the W, E, S and D keys? What about the bottom, is it hot? What surface is the laptop used on, do you use a cooling pad? The use of a cooling pad should help some.
There may be other issues but that would be my highest concern and the first thing I'd check.
Hope it helps. BTW, if heat isn't the issue, post back, we'll look at other possibilities