Question Why my MSI RTX 3070 Gaming X Trio is mulfunctioning ?

Jun 19, 2021
Greetings all,

I bought a new msi 3070 for mining use, just received last week, it was mining ethereum perfectly on trex with stable 62.7 Mh/s and temp 45 °C with some clock tunining for sure ( power limit: 130w, core clock: +0, core clock limit: 1145, memory clock: +2700, fan speed: 50%. it was like a charm, i barely used it in mining for couple of hours since i was in testing phase and waiting for my other asus rtx 3070 rog strix OC to arrive to fully use them both in mining..
i am using minerstate OS linux version runing from a bootable 3.0 usb stick, anw when my other asus gpu arrived and installed with the msi gpu with display from the msi, upon booting the minerstate os and started to load perfectly and i saw the 2 gpus on dashboad from my phone but still trex didnt start yet, the screen then turned off and the pc restarted instantly and the motherboard started beeping with no display. i tried several times to make it load to linux or windows with no luck and same beeps.
when connecting asus gpu on gpu0 slot the pc runs, on linux only asus is recognized, on windows both are but with code 43 error for msi gpu, tried reinstalling the driver, once it is installing and recognizing the msi gpu the pc restarts instantly and starts beeping, turning it of and then on pc loads to windows but with same 43 error for msi gpu.

my system is windows 10/linux unbutu minerstate for mining.
i7 cpu 3rd gen
8 gb ram
intel mobo.

please any help regarding this issue, did i loose my gpu? is it the clock tunning what caused this prob?