Question Why my PC has sudden shutdowns ?

Jul 15, 2021
Hello! Having a strange issue with this build:

i9 10900k 5.1/5.0AVX
Z490 Tomahawk with 1.80 bios
2x Crucial Ballistix BL16G32C16U4BL.M16FE OC'd to 4200Mhz 18-22-22-42
GIgabyte 1080 Ti Aorus Xtreme
Corsair HX750i
3 various SSDs plugged through SATA3

During light load or no load whatsoever PC can just shut down, wait 2 seconds and power up again.
Event viewer shows Critical Kerner-Power 41(63)
Can go without reboot for weeks and then suddenly PC restarts during Chrome browsing or after 5(!) consecutive hours of gaming.

Now before you suggest a PSU problem, my friend with a similar motherboard and 10850k/Gskill Trident Z is experiencing the same exact issue, and he just bought a new shiny Fractal Design ION 860P.
It can'be a component overheat either, everything is installed in FD Define S with 7x Arctic P14, and monitoring shows low temps.
Keep in mind that this wasn't the case when we had 10600k installed in those boards, everything was working flawlessly.

Things we've tried so far:
  • Fresh windows 10(19043.1110, not insider), 471.22, all the last chipset drivers and such, nothing works.
  • Default BIOS settings, 2666Mhz RAM with no XMP.
  • Set PCH voltage to 1.07
Everything we've tested is pointing at the motherboard.
Any ideas?
Couple years ago my computer kept shutting down did not know what making the fault but i changed motherboard and had no issues could be an faulty motherboard you can ask your warranty to repair it or if its new take it back to store because i tried many things like reset windows taking everything out and such did not work so bought another new motherboard!