Question Why my PC is freezing and crashing randomly? as well as display goes to white screen or blue screen sometimes.

Jun 13, 2021
Heya, I have got some issues maybe ya'll can help me out.

• Display sometimes goes to white screen while PC is working (can hear the audio of any video going on )
• Sometimes PC just freezes with loud voice and it won't just do anything afterwards so I just restart it through power button.
• Sometimes the display refreshes, like 2 secs of black screen and then back to normal, and afterwards the white screen would appear after few refreshs and PC would be stopped as well.

Specs ;
i5 4590
Msi h81-p33
rog strix rx 570 4gb
600watt psu
8gb ram ddr3

What I tried ;
Getting the gpu serviced, updating bios, reseating all the components, replacing all the wires.


The symptoms you describe ciuld be caused by a faulty or failing PSU. The article linked below makes me suspicious of your ageing CX600M. Do you have access to a good quality PSU you cod swap in its place and see if it resolves your problems?