[SOLVED] Why my pc is running slow?

Nov 24, 2019
Hi guys, here is my system:

16 GB DDR4 2133 Mhz

Intel i7-6700HQ 2.6 Ghz

240 GB Toshiba SSD

Nvidia Geforce 950M 4 GB

However, despite this system, my computer freezes and i don't know why. There is not enough freezing to prevent me from using the computer, but the reaction times are poor. When I right-click a program icon, it can take 2-3 seconds to open. It makes dull transitions while switching between windows. The mouse is moving in an empty space leaving traces behind and dull. It's like I'm using the computer to save power. My operating system is Windows 10 Home Edition 64 bit. I've tried everything that comes to mind:

- I did antivirus scan with several different programs, I even booted with Kaspersky Rescue Disk and scanned for 4 hours but found no malware.

- This morning I downloaded the image file from Microsoft's site to make a clean installation and downloaded all the drivers from their official site, then I checked all of them for the update, but all of them came up to date.

- There's no third-party program.

- "Balanced" mode is on in power options. Any saving mode is not turned on.

- There are no 3rd party background applications.

- Windows is installed on the SSD.

- My BIOS version is up to date.

- SSD read and write speed is no problem, they work efficiently.

- I removed the HDD Caddy in case it was conflicting, I replaced the DVD-ROM.

- I turned off Windows services such as Windows Search, Windows Update and Antimalware Service Executable but I didn't see a difference.

I dismantled the computer three days ago and it was like the freezes started after that (but i'm not sure). Do you think it could be relevant? In some places it is called but may not know if it can affect the over or loose tightening of a screw. Also, when the processor goes up to 30% -40s, it sounds like this (it was there before):

View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=urfk-IkRGmE

Please help, this situation makes me crazy.