Why my PC runs 100%

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May 19, 2012
Hi guys,

My pc config is duo core 2.8ghz, 3 gb, 2.5tb, 256 gb graphics ram. win-7 ultimate
For the past five years my pc works fine.

In the recent past pc gets restarts and shows that the CPU is over heated, a friend of mine changed the SMPS with real power source and thereafter it shows no issues..

But wen i do multitasking the CPU goes 100%. (The same sort of jobs were previously undertaken without any issues, but it gives the problem after it shows CPU overheated msg. Even change in the power source doesn't solve the issue. the person who changed the smps says that it could be a ram reading error, i donno wat that is... )

i have no junky softwares, that could affect the system.

Expecting an reply that a non-tech student can get understand ur answer.

Thanks in advance

you removed the heat sink to clean it and didn't reapply thermal paste?

do this now, before you use the machine any more.

Its probably throttling.
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