Question Why my RGB Fusion doesn't work anymore with my motherboard ?

Mar 4, 2021
Good evening!

Last week I have replaced the rear fan of my case (cooler master MB520 RGB) with a Sickleflow 120 rgb by cooler master.

So far everything is ok, I plug the 4-pin power supply and then the 4-pin rgb lighting power supply on LED_C2 (Mobo aorus z390 pro), I turn on the power supply and the motherboard leds light up white / green.

It's all ok, he always did it when the power came back, but this time is different. I turn on the pc, the rear fan lights up white, the front fans also, the RAM (Trident Z G.Skill) are set to red and the AIO (Aorus aio 240) and the GPU (Aorus 2080 super) remain off. Launch RGB Fusion 2.0, I turn on the LEDs of the various components individually and nothing happens. Several minutes pass, nothing. The LEDs don't want to know how to synchronize, they stay like that and RGB Fusion seems to restart again and again, as if he couldn't and turn off the VGA's led, turn back the RAM leds in red and in the "Please wait..." screen you ca hear the plug/unplug USB noise.

So I uninstall rgb fusion and reinstall it, nothing yet. Even now the LEDs remain desynchronized for Ram / Vga / Aio and remain white for the case and Mobo. Also, whe i turn off the pc, the motherboard leds remains on in that awful white/greeny color, until i don't turn off the PSU. I have already checked in the bios the "LEDs in Sleep, Hibernation and Soft Off States" and it is already on "OFF".

I don't know what to do anymore, please help me.

PC specs:
CPU Intel i5 9600k
MOBO Aorus Z390 PRO
RAM G. Skill Trident Z 8x4
GPU Aorus RTX 2080 Super
AIO Aorus 240
CASE Cooler Master MB520 RGB
PSU Evga Supernova G3 750w 80+Gold


Welcome to the forums, newcomer!

You might want to make sure your motherboard's BIOS is up to date. If you have a number of updates to go through, gradually work your way to the latest. Once updated, turn your attention to the latest OS version, if you're not on Version 20H2.

Reinstall the RGB app in an elevated command(with the latest version), i.e, Right click installer>Run as Administrator. Try disconnecting everything from your system, apart from the rams, that have RGB(while the system is powered down and the wall socket turned off)...then gradually reconnect them one by one, shutting down(to reconnect another device) and then powering up,.
Mar 4, 2021
Hi! Thank you for the answer :)
I have updated the BIOS right now from the F8 version to the latest F12l version and nothing have changed. Same issue...