Question Why Newly Installed Intel i7's Hot Initially Then Runs Normal Temp?


Sep 10, 2016
For several years I've been upgrading laptops, mainly Lenovo ThinkPad's, replacing older G2 and G3 socket i3's and i5'S with the service manual's recommended i7's. I've replaced well over 100 processors and in most cases the temperatures show normal to running cool. That is between 105 to 150 F. I apply a decent amount of thermal paste then clean the cooling fan and heat sink so my preparations are consistent. Sometimes I find the newly installed i7 to run in the 190 F. range for up to around 20 minutes before the temperature goes down to a normal operating temperature. The software I use to monitor shows fan RPM, GPU, Motherboard and CPU temps and these stay consistent. I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing this phenomenon? And, what would be the reason for the high temp's then running back down to normal in a few minutes. The computer is idling while I monitor the temps so it's not like it's doing some complex tasks. Are some of my laptop jobs getting some kind of Voodoo curse?