Question Why no device is recognizing my external hard drive?

May 3, 2022
My external Seagate HDD was working normally until I tried it on another laptop so I can transfer some files to it. The other laptop couldn't recognize my HDD which is why I reconnected it to my laptop which it used to work on normally. Well, my laptop couldn't recognize it either. I tried it on other laptops and it was not recognized. I read a lot about how to fix it and couldn't find a solution. It does not show up in File Explorer or in Disk Management. I have bought a new USB cable, tried it and it wasn't recognized still. I tried to update the USB drivers as well but didn't work as well.

It turns on, sounds like it is spinning normally but not recognizable.
Why no device is recognizing my external hard drive?
many external drive's housing have an internal controller built-in.
if this is damaged for some reason then no device can recognize the drive.

sometimes you could remove the drive from it's housing and retrieve the data via a direct connection and continue to use the drive this way.
but many use onboard encryption that will make it impossible for other systems to read the data without the controller.

i've run into issues before where the only way to retrieve the data was to send the external drive back to the manufacturer and have them extract it, place it on another drive, and then ship the new drive back for up to 2-3x the actual cost of the drive.

contact Seagate support and see what they have to say.
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