Why nowadays CPU Run HOT!?


May 20, 2017
it seems that 80-90 deg C on Laptop CPU on high load now is a common thing? and there is no throttling like my 4yrs old laptop (it will throttle each time it hits 80 deg C) Is there any explanation why? is it because of the CPU Power consumption? and is it safe? (for the longevity of the laptop) Or is it better to undervolt it or any suggestion?
Aug 24, 2020
Yes, even I have come across this situation a couple of times, especially in my gaming laptop. I do experience temperature of almost close to 100ºC at times due to the intense gaming. Even modern laptops and PCs come with thermal throttling just like the older ones and I feel that you need to manually switch them off in order to extract maximum performance at higher temperatures. Switch throttling ON if you are concerned about the spike, but a proper cooling should enable you to run at high temperatures and extract maximum performance. Happy to have shared my opinion! Cheers!