Why People Tend to Buy High end expensive Video cards

Aug 8, 2015
hello i am confused why people buy high end gpu like 1080ti when after a year or so there will be a mid range graphics card that is way cheaper but can par in high end gpu like this one and with newer manufacturing process.is that only for BOASTING like i got gtx 1080 im rich but for me that is noobidity why build high expensive if theres a budget build u will save a lot of money instead of buying new expensive graphics card cpu motherboard etc

GTX 980 TI VS GTX 1060
as u notice the fps is not that far from each other


Some people upgrade every year. Or even every 6 months, and sell the older one.

Also, waiting for the performance of todays UberCard to come down to the next years midstream means waiting, and waiting, and waiting.

Or, other people don't want to change for 3-4-5 years. Buy a good one now, and not switch for quite a while.

Lastly, some people DO have that disposable income.
Why not? If you have the money to burn and want top of the line graphics for awhile then some of us are willing to shell out quite a bit of cash for our systems. I wanted the 1080 ti not only for the graphics performance in regular gaming but also for VR which IMO is worth it especially with titles such as The Climb or From Other Suns.

Should we just buy mid-range cards because 2 years ago the high-end card performed the same?

I have a HTC Vive. I will eventually upgrade my monitor. Those are two reasons why a higher end card was necessary. Want smooth gameplay on a 1440p 144Hz monitor?1080 Ti.

Many reasons. I had but two. I chose


Dec 30, 2016
1080ti here as well.
I'll be fine a few years down the road with it. No need to change cards as often, unlike folks who get low or mid range cards.
That couple-few hundred bucks difference is made back in no time, if you got a decent job - selling is also still an option.
Ran a 680 for ~5 years before this... but I think I could've done with an upgrade a year sooner! XD



There's this little thing called time, of which we all possess a finite portion (and the correct comparison would be the 1070 vs. the 980 ti, 20-30% difference between the 980ti and the 1060 is significant).

Sure, if I need 8700k performance right now, I could instead save a ton of money buying a budget CPU in 2023. Unfortunately, I'm then five years closer to the grave and went five years without receiving the 8700k-level of performance.

In other words, your premise makes little sense. The only one guilty of "noobidity" here is the person you see in the mirror.


Jun 9, 2012
That's not true. A mid-level card doesn't meant it cannot play games. Heck, then everyone with a gaming console should throw them away, because they have "weak" graphics. PlayStation 4 Pro has an AMD GPU with 4.20 TFlops (RX470) and the Xbox One S has an AMD GPU with 6.0 TFlops (RX480).

Actually, there is no reason for the best GPU if you don't have a 4K monitor today playing a 4K game. Well, great... the issue is that today games are optimized for console resolution, like 1920x1080. The picture quality doesn't scale on 4K displays, it is more of a self-illusion.

Noobidity:pt1cable: It's like stupidity, only noobier.


Dec 6, 2017
1. 4k and 1440p game performance on high frequency displays

2. Bragging rights

3. Cryptocurrency $$$ even though you pay double MSRP for the card and drives up your electrical bill.

4. They actually use software that takes advantage of massive GPU power. I'd love a 1080 Ti for Blender but it would cost me 2 paychecks.

You're also comparing a new midrange card to a high end older one.

The Paladin

I prefer to have 2x 27" 1080p Monitors on a GTX 970 than having to dish out and play on a 24" 4K with a 1080ti, its just a question of value for me, and that I am not a hard core gamer, so what I chose fits what I need, and I have money on my pocket to invest into real life hobbies.

And with prices they are now, not likely to upgrade my 90 to anything for a while. 1300$ for a video card is a payment of mortgage on my house.
guess some people REALLY make the monies...

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