Question Why SATA drives sometimes disappeared from windows?


Sep 26, 2013
Once in a while my PC would crash blue screen while running premiere (video editor). I don't know if this editor cause the crash, or stress the system to trigger a flaw elsewhere. Anyway, crashing is not the issue here, it's recovering from the crash.

Sometimes, during the next reboot all my hard drives disappear from windows, therefore it won't boot into windows. If I go into bios I can still see all the drives.

The solution is to reattach the drives to different sata ports. First I remove all the drives except the boot drive, then try it on different SATA port until it is recognized in windows and the system boots into windows.

Then I add the other drives and also try them on different SATA ports.
If a drive does not show up in windows, it does not show in disk management nor in device manager.
If at anytime I attach a drive via a USB dock, it is always recognized in windows.
At one point, I managed to see 3 out of 5 drives in windows. Again I move the drives to different SATA ports, then suddenly, all 5 drives show up after the next reboot.

There is nothing wrong with the 5 drives. They have been working fine since.

Any idea what the problem maybe, or what else to try? Is there anyway to find out why the drives are recognized in BIOS but not in windows?
I have googled this but did not find any solution that matches my case. Right now it's fine but I dread the next crash.

Windows 10 pro
asrock z97 killer LGA 1150
MSI GTX 1080