Why such hype bout dx11 when not a single gpu supports it??


Jul 28, 2009
first of all i wanna say that i'm not a very technical guy n i don kno a lot of stuffs bout computers.but i've been hearing a lot of hype about win 7 n dx11.but as far as i kno there isnt a single gpu on arket that supports dx11.so why so much hype bout it???:S if the gpu doesnt support it,what difference can it make??i have a gtx 260.will i notice any difference when i upgrade to windows 7???

p.s. i don think i'll have the money to buy a gpu when the one's supporting dx11 come out.so that's out of question.:(
There are lots and lots of posts regarding this and the net is full of it as well but basically its been reported by Microsoft that DX11 will benefit cards from DX10 upwards so thats DX10 and DX10.1 cards under Vista and W7. The main reason is the Multi threading support.
You could always try downloading and running the W7 RC and seeing what performance differance you see.



Feb 15, 2009

Because most people are able to realize they are moving forward in time?

Wrong. The tesselator on current ATI cards is capable of only a subset of DX11 functions, and is not DX11 capable. Its false info like that which is causing all the false rucus going on with DX11. DX10 cards from both companies also lacks a scheduler to deal with the multithreading added in DX11, and lacks support for SM5. The few features that are supported would have to be specifically coded for by devs, which will only lead to program instabillity and delays of trying to make even a small subset of DX11 work on DX10 capable cards.

The only advantage DX11 will give DX10 cards is around a 5% speed boost due to optimizations. Thats it.


Finally found that blasted link again:

Having spoken with both Microsoft's Kevin Gee and AMD's Richard Huddy, we managed to confirm that the Xbox 360's (and by extension the Radeon HD 2000, 3000 and 4000 series) tessellator is not compatible with DirectX 11, but the DX11 tessellator is a superset of what's already on the market.

I nearly posted about the tesselator but decided not to bother but you are right that posting suposition as fact dosent help. Having said that as i have been saying for about a week now we really neeed to leave it alone full stop.
I have started replying that people who ask should just wait for reviews as its mainly just speculation circulating on the various forums.
As far as im concerned there are holes in what you have posted. But like i said we need to wait for reviews so we can get solid facts.

Mactronix :)
Ive heard the NDA on the cards will drop in 6 weeks. Im thinking we have around a month to wait til we know enough to draw any conclusions of any type, other than, the new cards will work better than this current gen, and if optimised by the devs correctly, there will be decent improvement tho YMMV