Question why the argb light my fan turn off after window booted up?

Sep 22, 2020
I just added a Argb fan to my system. I have total of 10 fans in my system. All 9 fans working fine except the new one I added. I connect the new fan 4 pins to the pwm header on the motherboard, and the argb 3 pin header into the motherboard Gen2 argb 3 pins.(this is the only rgb fans that is connected directly to the motherboard. The rest are connected with a controller.) The light and fan work fine until window 10 booted. The new fan continue to run, but the light turn itself off. I tested the fan and it work fine when connected to the controller. The light also stay on if I boot to bios. Therefore, I have to assume window or motherboard somehow turn the light off after boot up. I will greatly appreciated if someone can help solve this mystery.

My Specs:
Ryzen 9
2080 Ti
Window 10 Pro
Asus Tuf Gaming x570-plus wifi
PCCooler Fans
Not overclocked.
ICue Ver: 3.33.246