why was my thread deleted and can you copy paste it to me in PM so I can post it elsewhere?!


Mar 23, 2014
I thought this was like an Off Topic section. I made a thread about how I bought like 40 different shower heads because I was fed up with low pressure heads, so I wanted to make the thread to tell others about this great shower head (to help the world save water and just to be nice, I had nothing else to gain from it, not a salesman for the shower head or anything lol).

I'll post it on a different website forum (not toms) but now I lost the post that took about an hour to write and I'm afraid if I try to rewrite it I'll forget a few key points.

Can you send me it in PM ? I no longer have access to my email for this account because the stupid mail service apparently auto deletes accounts which haven't been logged into in the past 6 months which blows my mind why they would even do that and I just didn't have a need to log into that account so the only way I can be reached is either a MOD reply to this thread with it and I'll copy paste it and youcan delete the thread or just PM me it. thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!