Question why when converting a video rendering or watching youtube its not using my gpu but cpu and how do i get it work.

Hello Guys

Jan 16, 2021
today I was editing a video for something but I was started to think when I see that it was using my CPU instead of GPU my CPU was running at 100% so how do I get my GPU to be used when rendering or converting now I don't know why this happened usually my laptop was able to use both CPU and GPU so how do I get it to work. youtube sometimes it is pretty laggy when trying to run 2k at 60fps it's due to its using my CPU when running at 100% load the youtube video is laggy now I know that you don't need to run youtube at 2k60fps but just want to at least to make my GPU useful instead of just running games.

something that could make it hard to solve:
I'm using windows 7.