Question Why, whenever I test my internet speed on PC, the mbps freezes and goes down by a lot ?

Jun 23, 2022
I've tested connection speed on my brothers computer, it was working perfectly. I played on the ps4 and it was running pretty good. My laptop is running good, my phone is, just not my PC. My WiFi isn't the problem. My PC is the problem, I can't play games because I'm going to lag. It's been happening for a month straight now. It doesn't happen time by time. It happens every single second. Every single time I test my speed, it would say 240 mbps, then freezes and drops down to 160 mbps. It spikes everytime and that's what makes me lag.
That means the transfer is taking data errors and drops to a lower speed to compensate. That is extremely common when you use wifi.

You really need to test on ethernet to be sure you do not have some other issue. Wifi problems are very hard to fix it can be tiny difference in say the antenna placement or many other factors. There could be other software on your machine causing it also but you need to test on ethernet to determine which direction to look for the problem.