Why, why why why why


Feb 18, 2009
I wish there was a program that analyed all my components, told me what frequencies and voltage and heat they could handle. Then the ITK for intel ocing could just copy in the parameters cut/paste/run/reboot. ::))I swear if i didn't have a electrician background i wouldn't have the patience for learning all the different acronyms for 1 thing. ...so this is overclocking...laboriously killing my eyes reading, comparing, finding the latest news....making sure your not implenenting old information - Sitting around coming up with a relevant gameplan and testing sucxzors when i could just set in my new parameters in a bios. thats a program i would pay money for..big time. I would quit my biggest addiction for atleast a few days.
This is my plea. Thanks for letting me vent guys I hope this site is my new fav. it will the latest one in 5 in the last Gigahour...GHAaa!

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working D945GTP board , P4 630 prescott 3Ghz single, into a 4200ddr2/533MHz setup unbalanced channels 3.5Gtotal. if i posted all my utilities im sure someone could help ..i hope to post it all soon..anyone got a blank form link?


Since the components' limits vary even among parts with the same model number, you need to experiment to find out what your specific components can do. A major factor in this is heat, so the specific physical setup and airflow of your case can also play a big role.


Dec 27, 2008
On par with: "why doesn't everyone get along methinks" in the grand scheme of "Seemingly simple problems demanding overly complex and impossible solutions" catagory.