Question Why windows 11 is running smoothly when LDPlayer is turned on

Oct 21, 2021
Hello there,

I have noticed that Windows 11 is running way better and smoother after run LDPlayer software which is Android Emulator,
You may ask how I have realized it I'll tell you:

1- I have Opened file explorer any folder and start using Mouse to select multiple files once I start drag to reach the files and select them by mouse I feel that the rectangle is lagging and it's not smooth
as if you are running a game with low FPS.

2- Close file explorer and run LDPlayer.

3- Now repeat step 1 and you will notice a huge difference in the performance I have 144hz monitor once I run LDPlayer and tried step 1 I felt that I am using windows 11 on 144 FPS

so what is the explanation of this behavior and how I can stick with smooth performance without running LDPlayer because to be honest now I am turning on LDPlayer just to have smooth experience.

For more understanding this is what I mean by selecting multiple files using mouse: Check the screenshot
when LDPlayer is running it's super smooth, once it's closed it is not smooth.

My specs:
Processor: i7 9700
GPU: GTX 1660 ti
Storage: 256GB SSD + 1 TB HDD

Thanks in advance.

Just as side note I made sure all displays settings is 144hz + not everything isn't smooth a lot of things run smoothly as 144hz but this one specifically isn't at all.
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