Question Why won’t any devices connect to WiFi?

Jul 16, 2020
I am at a loss.

A few days ago all devices connect to our WiFi were disconnected. Up until this point everything worked great.
Every time I try to connect with iphone to att router it will try to join a few times and then say incorrect password. I used default network name and password and created my own network name and password.
I tried with different devices and all same issue. I hardwired laptop and I have internet.

I had two ATT techs at my place to replace routers thinking it might be defective. They reset systems over and over with no solutions.

I figured I would go get a google nest and see if a mesh network would fix the bug but during set up same issue. When it tries to join setup network it try’s to join and then says Incorrect password.
I am at a loss why nothing can get past and logged on WiFi.
any advice would be amazing