Question Why would 940MX GPU throttles when laptop is charging? Runs much better on just battery.

Mar 31, 2022
I have Dell Inspiron 7570 laptop with 940MX 4GB GPU.

If I play GTA5 on just battery, the GPU clocks are above 900 MHz.

But as soon as I plug it in, it keeps fluctuating between 900 to around 400 MHz every 2-3 minutes. I mean game will run smooth for couple of minutes then for next couple of minutes it will become slow. It keeps going on like that. I don't know why.

There are no power saving settings I have set up that maybe cause laptop under-perform when plugged in. So I really don't understand why does it happen.

On the other hand, on some games like Counter Strike 1.6, game actually runs more smooth when plugged in. And I could understand it and that's like normal behavior.

So why would a laptop GPU throttle when plugged in? Is it a problem or normal behavior?