Why would a Vista system Run slower than an XP system?


Jul 6, 2011
I have a 7 year old XP system it always ran well so kept it but 3years ago
I got ?a "faster" Vista system.

Aside from different OS, the Vista system has a faster processor and more
RAM (4gb vs 2gb) but the older system is generally as fast or faster than the
Vista. Do I have an over-achiever XP or a faulty Vista? This is really baffling.
Anyone else ever heard of this kind of thing?
Vista is in general slower than XP, and you did say you got it 3 years ago. Do a re-install of the OS, should be quicker again. Don't install any of the fluff programs that many vendors put on just the drivers needed. Plus depends on what you use it for, if all you do is go on Facebook or Youtube, there probably won't be any noticable difference.
Something to add to this. I just sold a Pentium 4 system with XP to someone, he said it ran faster than both his newer dual-core Vista computers from eMachines even when they were new.

The key is to keep a clean OS installation, don't install 20 add-ons to everything, keep toolbars to one at the most in web browsers.