Question Wi-Fi connection keeps dropping

Ahmed Hussein 12

Sep 28, 2014
I have a problem with my laptop Wi-Fi connection (Lenovo G510, windows 10, Broadcom 802.11n), it has started around two months ago. The signal is weak, keeps connecting and disconnecting, or the connection becomes just too slow, although all the devices around get a good signal with good connection speed (and it is not just my home network), sometimes it doesn't detect any networks, it was never like this before.
I tried updating the driver through adapter properties wizard, which didn’t work at all, so I had to roll back driver, installed the last driver from Lenovo website.

  • Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power is unchecked
  • Look for other wireless networks while connecting to this network is disabled
  • IPv6 is disabled
  • Wi-Fi AutoConfig service is set to Automatic
  • Roam tendency is set to Aggressive, which made a slight improvement.
P.S. I recently noticed that when I deactivate the WiFi adapter and then activate it, it connects instantly and lasts for some time, until of course the connection drops again!
How can I solve this annoying problem, is it a windows 10 issue?
Thanks in advance

roaming aggressiveness actually should make this problem worse since it will drop at lower power levels.

You have done all the standard things. This is what a bad wifi card looks like. It could be that the antenna cable is damaged. The antenna run behind the screen in most laptops and sometime the cable id damaged in the hinge area.

For many laptop it is a pretty simple and fairly cheap to replace the wifi card. Lenovo has a history of making this tough. They have whitelists in the bios that prevent you from using any hardware not on their list. So you can't even do a simple upgrade to 802.11ac. They also do stupid stuff like put 10/100 ethernet ports on laptops that actually support gigabit in the chipset. Not sure why they intentionally gimp machines when they don't technically have to.

In any case you could look for a wifi model exactly the same. There tend to be video that show how to disassemble pretty much every common laptop on youtube.

Simpler might be to use a USB wifi card. Avoid those very tiny modules especially the $5 one on amazon and ebay. The larger ones have larger antenna. You should still be able to find a 802.11ac for about $15.
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