Question Wi-Fi drop puzzle


Jul 5, 2012
Hello! I have repeated Wi-Fi drop out on my desktop PC situated upstairs connected to my EE BrightBox Router via Wifi.

I experience regular web browser connectivity issues, stopping me connecting to websites for maybe 30 seconds to a minute before beginning to work again. This can happen in any browser (IE, Chrome etc). Strangely, i may have this drop out stopping me browse the web due to 'no connection' but could still be chatting to friends on Discord. So there is a connection? Its very strange. I have run a connectivity monitor that did not spot any drop outs. Just writing this message it has happened twice. I think it also happens when i am spawning into online games freezing me back into the lobbies when my friends connect fine.

I have done a ton of troubleshooting.

I have seperate my wifi channels from 2.4 and 5ghz and also bought a WiFi repeater halfway across the downstairs (connected via Ethernet cable to the router). Connecting to any of these channels, the repeater or direct to the router makes no difference.

My signal strength seems fairly good. When connected speeds are strong.

EE Broadband

Brightbox Router

tp link ac 1200 wireless adaptor (oddly it doesnt display as this on my system settings though)

Windows 10

I5 7600K

My next intention is to change my router. I cannot change my broadband provider until March (contract) but thought maybe a TPLink Router would be a significant upgrade from the Brightbox that will assist.

Any comments would be appreciated