Question Wi-Fi extender randomly losing connection

Apr 9, 2019
Hello, so recently I bought a Wi-Fi extender by tp-link but I came across a few issues.
Here's my setup: I have a wifi router 3 rooms away from mine. I have no problem connecting to that said router from my room, but my connection is poor. So I installed this wifi extender. First installation was smooth, everything worked correctly, the app says that the wifi extender is in a great spot and has great connection to my router. However.. every 3 hours or so, it completely loses connection to my router. No matter what I do, rebooting, unplugging from the wall.. even entirely reseting the extender. Nothing will help at all. For about 20 minutes, there is no way that I'm connecting the extender to my router. But, after those 20 minutes, it just starts working again. It finds the connection and everything is great again.

Keep in mind that in between those 20 minutes I can connect to my router wirelessly without any problems whatsoever. So it's not like the router stops working.

Anyone here have any idea what might cause this? Any help would be much appreciated

Details: Wi-Fi extender: tp-link RE450
Router: TP-Link TL-WR940N


Do all wireless devices lose connection during those 20 minute "outages"? Or just a single device; e.g., your computer perhaps?

What else shares the same circuit as Wi-Fi extender?

Are you using a USB wireless adapter on your computer? If so, check it before you boot your system. And when the outage occurs carefully feel the USB wireless adapter to determine if it is overly warm or even hot to the touch. Stops working due to overheating. Takes 20 minutes to cool down enough to work again.

Is the Wi-FI extender's firmware up-to-date? Check TP-link's website.

Do you have admin rights to the router?

The router's logs, if available and enabled, may provide some clue.

Likewise verify that the router's firmware is up-to-date.

And use the times involved: look for any 3 hour or 20 minute pattern anywhere within your network environment: e.g., some backup, some software trying (and failing) to update.

For example you can use Event Viewer and Reliability History/Monitor on your computer to see what may have been recorded just before or at the time the outages start.
Where is your wifi extended located, hopefully somewhere halfway between your router and room?

I don't like wifi extenders, I find that they lack bandwidth and can be flaky in terms of a reliable connection.

I usually recommend powerline wifi extenders, far more reliable and you can actually place the unit inside your room, doesn't have to be halfway between since it connects through your house's powerlines.