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Question Wi-Fi problem on my lenovo laptop


Aug 4, 2013

I've been having network problems for quite some time now. Firstly i thought it's because my router was very old (from 2013) and i assumed it was causing the ping spikes. So recently i bought
TP-Link Archer C6 AC1200 , but unfortunately the problem still exists (even though it is safe to say it got better than it was before), mostly while playing CS:GO, it's sudden lag spikes like flying through the whole map and suddenly death screen comes up (shortly - game becomes unplayable) I thought it might be cs based problem but then i tried to play NBA2k20 online and the same happened, sudden lags every 5-10 seconds.
laptop model - Legion Y530-15ICH-1060
weird thing is the lags are not consistent if i get lucky it can get through the whole game without any lag spike.

after reading through some forums i tried to ping -t (the results are in screenshot) :https://prnt.sc/shhb0n

Does anyone have any idea to fix this, it's driving me crazy for so long :(
P.s if any other information is needed i will try my best to provide it
Hoping for your answers - Tom