Wich Mother should I buy?? must be socket A whit PCI-e


Feb 16, 2007

Im new on this forums... and I was wondering if someone can helpme!
This is the situation... I've got a Albatron Kv8 X800 Motherboard.. or somhthing like that.. whita an Athlon XP2500+ processor... And I want to upgrade the Motherboard and the Graphics accelerator card to a PCI-E card...I think The Xp2500+ is Slot A I really dont know how to figure it out.. and I was lookinf for a mother that allowsme to use the proccesor and also a PCI Express card...

My english is bad for writing.. please tellme if you dont understand sometingh...

Its very important to me a fast answer! he hope you can do that!

Thanks for your time
Socket a boards were discontinued before pci-e was available. You won't find any. Try using cpu-z, a free download, to double check the id of your board. I couldn't find it on albatron's website. If you have a newer sempron 2500 (socket 754), you might be able to find a board for it. To use cpu-z, click on the main icon, then 3 or 4 more will appear. Click on the one that looks like a cpu on the left, and wait about 10 seconds for the software to check your board.