Feb 18, 2003
600mhz core with stock cooling.... :cool:

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Aug 27, 2002
Nice, that's pretty impressive.
Really makes you wonder what ATI could do. Imagine, a r350 core on a .13 process. Overclock that, and you'd have the fx 5900 for lunch.


Mar 30, 2003
Uhhh, that's ALREADY overclocked. WAY overclocked. The link said it wasn't stable yet.

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Yeah gymy's been posting over at RAGE3D in a 9600P thread (they've discovered the elusive VOLT MOD [not freakin easy by a LONG shot!]).

He's got some pretty sweet overclocks but yes it's NOT stable at that speed. His 3Dmark03 scores actually went DOWN from <A HREF="" target="_new">his 582/371 scores</A> (4431->4330), showing obvious corruption that was even detectable to 3Dmk03. I got artifacting on my runs when running above 365mhz memory (got the mem up to 371 before locking up) and the cores lowered every higher run. The core just locked up in Battle of Proxycon at anything above 565mhz. I MAY volt mod later, but it's not worth F'in it up simply for Bungholio marks. But I am jealous. :wink:

Since he volt moded his card he's getting some Insane overclocks from his Powercolor R9600P. However with stock cooling (he added that HSF as well) and no mod he was limited to 450/335 (he did hit 465 but got locks and 350 mem got locks) especially with that 3.3ns memory the PC ships with.
The Overclocking and volt moding of the Sapphire's didn't seem to yield as good results as the Powercolor, although no one insane's done it to a BBA yet. However don't expect anything NEAR this on those two cards WITHOUT volt moding, both hit a SOLID brick WALL much earlier than BBA cards under normal conditions.

Two other GOOD overclocking resulte

Running @ 547/351
<A HREF="" target="_new">JethroDooD/Jethro's</A>

Running @ 540/353
<A HREF="" target="_new">Ibanez's</A>

Anywhoo just thought you all would like ta' know. The Amazing thing to me is NOT the Core, it's the MEMORY. It's much slower/cheaper memory than the BBA boards, yet he's getting wicked speed out of it with the Vmem mod. Truely Dark Evil Goalie! :evil:

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