Oct 1, 2004
Bought Abit NF7-S v2 and Logitech Z-5300. Problem is all the speakers is out of order. All is playing differently then they should. Left speaker is subwoofer etc. Besides that only 3 speakers is playing, 1 totally dead and 1 with a deep bass and low volume (5 total). In winamp only 2 speakers play, 1 loud and the other switching on and off playing different volume. In windows media player it plays like the first setup i described (Much better).

Before i bought the Logitech, i had 2 normal stereo speakers plugged in. With those only the left side played. Could get both playing if i had both in left input.

So my first guess would be the onboard Soundstorm card since i had troubles with both speakers. I think i have tried all setups. Software controller for 2 different motherboard drivers. plugging in, plugging out and i can go ;(

Anyone heard of such trouble before or have some ideas how to work this problem out since its a bit pain having a half sound setup.

Hope some wish ppl can guide a newb :)

Regards Troels.


Dec 31, 2007
Digital card? Digital speakers? What connection are you using? Make sure it's in the right port and is pushed in all the way.

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