Question Wide Temp Rugged PC Reboots After Logging Into Windows ?

Oct 19, 2022
This is a Intel-based rugged fanless PC. I bought it used - not cheap!

When I first received it, it would run 5 secs, no Windows or BIOS splash screen, restarted repeatedly in a loop.

I removed the SSD to my desktop system, and found it had a Allen Bradley PLC system and Win7 on it. Removed software, removed all partitions, and formatted the SSD.

Tried to install Win10 X64 from USB using MS Media Creator to make the bootable USB. Every install would say "It looks like Windows did not install correctly" and create a DefaultUserX admin profile, which means I couldn't do anything with it. Didn't work using Rufus to make the USB either.

Tried everything - rebuilding MBR, changing BIOS features, etc. No joy.

Went out and bought a cheap new SSD thinking maybe SSD is bad.

Windows installed, the device created corrupt DefaultUser0 and DefaultUser1 at both reboots, rebooted twice without my input. Gave a startup error, troubleshooting found no issues.

I restarted from USB (picked from boot menu, not a restore or reinstall), and then it allowed me to make a Windows user account, which should have occured at the first reboot.

Now, when I logged in to Windows, the PC immediately reset, displayed the BIOS flash screen (InsydeH2O) for 5 secs, and then immediately displays the Win10 login screen.

F8 at restart will not set Safe Mode. I have to select <shift> restart and then choose safe mode without networking - this PC is not attached to anything but monitor and keyboard right now.

(Latest BIOS is installed, BTW. It's the only BIOS available.)

Now I'm in Safe Mode Without Networking -

I set the Advanced Startup option to "Do not restart after automatic shutdown".

Deleted the two corrupt DefaultUserX administrator profiles. My account is now the only admin account and the only installed account

Tried to install Win10 system drivers, but every one failed to install. Maybe drivers will not install in safe mode?

Manually rebooted.

Windows came back up in Safe Mode without my request, should have been a normal startup.

Manually rebooted.

Came up normally and on the screen: "Hi", "Preparing Windows for Startup", "This could take a few minutes", and then Windows came up with the standard default Windows layout after initial install.

Ran for 10 secs and shut itself off.

Manually rebooted.

Runs for 10 secs after login and then shuts itself off, even if I'm trying to do something. This is now the issue.

Critical notes:

  1. System will run at the Windows login screen without logging in for at least an hour, so probably indefinitely
  2. System in Safe Mode does not shut down - runs for at least an hour, probably will run indefinitely
  3. Same issue if Win7 is installed.
  4. Checked the Event Viewer. Lots of things in there marked critical, but nothing I can find that caused the rebooting
Ideas, please. Would attach logs, but seems like no files can be attached here.