[SOLVED] Wierd artifacts in game

Sep 25, 2019
Hello everyone!
I am currently having issues with gta 5 to be more specific. I just bought the game and I have some troubles with it. The first issue is that the game randomly crashes out of nowhere, both in story mode and online. I've tried to google the issue, and I've failed to find a sulution. The other issue I have encountered is that, when I'm on a grass field, I see these white artifacts on the grass, and when I was in story mode and doing the fiirst "Lester mission" the camera was coverd in the artifacts. I restarted the game and tried the mission again to see if the artifacts are still there, and they went away.
I have the game running on almost full graphics 1080p with v-sync on, running 60 fps, because I have a60 hz monitor. I have also tried to lower the ghraphics, and it's still the same. I have also tried to tinker with the FXAA and MSAA, but it's still the same. Out of all games I have, such as csgo and farcry , I have no issues with these artifacts. To be clear about the temps, the temps are good. I have also tried to run the "msi kombustor" for maybe 10-20 min, and it didn't find any artifacts. Could it be a game bugg or glitch?

My specs:
Intel i5-9400f
Asus dual rtx 2060
Msi z390 mbo
16gb ddr4 ram 3200mhz
Corsair CX550M psu

I've recently built this pc and I had the gpu oc:d a while ago, but not anymore. I just use "asus gpu tweak" and set the gpu in "OC mode". The only thing I have oc:d is the ram. And it's a very slight oc, from 3000mhz to 3200mhz. I will link some screenshots so you understand what I'm talking about.
Thanks in advance!



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