Question Wierd ASPM error with Z390 chipset and Gigabyte aorus Z390 Pro motherboard ?


Jan 23, 2020
I have been running a system based upon for Z390 Pro from Gigabyte for a year, and there is something which I have been able to solve, its regarding ASPM and Windows 10.

When I via Powershell run powercfg - energy.

I get the following energy-report.html.


error 1 comes from.


which is the Logitech Wireless dongle for old Wireless Mouse.

error 2 comes from.


which is

Which is an RGB controller which I don't even use.

Error 3 is my Logitech Webcam.

Thats not the interesting part, all three error are all tied to the PCI\VEN_8086&DEV_ 36D which refers to\VEN_8086&DEV_8C31&REV_00

Which refers to Intel USB extensible 3.1 host controller.

If I try reinstall this controller driver, then all internal USB 2.0 connectors including the one connected to my ASUS wifi/bluetooth card disconnect.

Why a USB 3.1 controller would have handle operations on a USB 2.0 that I don't understand?

Machine runs Window 10 (latest build), have all latest drivers from Gigabyte installed, including the latest bios. And what the wird thing is if I enabled ASPM in the bios then wifi will not work. But I disable ASPM wifi comes back.

Have I have messed up something? Or is some unsolved error with that almost 3 year old motherboard and Windows 10? And how it handles USB power admin?


Win 10 Master
Why a USB 3.1 controller would have handle operations on a USB 2.0 that I don't understand?
all USB actions in PC are controlled by the USB 3.1 extensible host controller.

if you click on a USB item in Device manager, and then swap View to by Connection, it shows all USB are under USB 3. 1

Do you have latest version of Intel Management Engine Interface as it might fix the USB problems.

PCI Express Active State Power Management (ASPM)

Active-state power management (ASPM) is a power management mechanism for PCI Express devices to garner power savings while otherwise in a fully active state. Predominantly, this is achieved through active-state link power management; i.e., the PCI Express serial link is powered down when there is no traffic across it. It is normally used on laptops and other mobile Internet devices to extend battery life.

what is the default?