Question Wierd issues after BIOS update. Help


Aug 23, 2017
I needed to update my BIOS because of an OC issue that didnt save my XMP profile. so i was suggested to update my BIOS and i did. it fixed the issue but now my PC has been acting up. It has been:
-causing blue screen reboots (hasnt happened since the new Windows update though)
-game crashing randomly on two of the only PC games i play "Apex Legends and No Man's Sky"
-long freezes on No Man's Sky with my regular graphics settings.

I thought it was the games problems at first but it cant be. This all happened after the BIOS update. mind you, i started playing No Man's Sky after the BIOS update so i wouldnt know how it would run before the update.

Should i go back from 2.6 to 2.5 BIOS (as MUCH as i dont want to)? Updating to 3.0 wouldn't be very ideal or would it?
PC parts here:

In the process of learning all of this so thank you to those sharing your knowledge!