Question Wierd monitor problem

Mar 3, 2019
So i have Lenovo li2264d 21.5" 75Hz monitor and i connected it to my rx 580 via hdmi cable and everything was working fine until i opened CS:GO and after opening csgo my monitor goes black every 5 seconds. It does that even when i close CS:GO. That stops only when i disconnect cable from graphics card and connect it back. So i switched from hdmi to vga on my monitor but i have adapter to hdmi on graphics card side. Everything works fine even in csgo when im connected to vga but my biggest problem is that vga wont support 75hz on my monitor but hdmi is supporting it so i dont know whats the problem here i switched 3 hdmi cables and it still does that thing but only in csgo when im on hdmi!! please help because if my hdmi port on monitor is broken it should always do that black screen every 5 seconds but it only does it in csgo. helppp someone pleasee???