Question Wierd sound on a brand new liquid cooling fans ?

May 24, 2022
Hi, I have a brand new Cooler Master MasterLiquid ML360 Illusion cooling system, 2 month passed since I got this cooling and now it started to make weird sound when it gets accelerated and speed up. fans are initialized at the top side of the case.

When I run firefox or start a render or game is loading stuff, The noise happens for some seconds at the beginning.
It doesn't always happens randomly like 1 in 10 times, I tried to figure out what makes that sounds.

  • If you reach the fan with your hands when pc is turned off and move it up and down slowly same noise happens.
  • If you hit top side of case with your fingers very slowly same noise happens.
It sounds like the sound of the reel, not quite rattling, I tried to record it but recording sound is different that what actually it sounds like, it's louder and more sharp with human ear but in smartphone microphone it sounds like buzzing, Anyway if it helps to detect what is the problem I upload it here :

Issue is happening for only on week it was all fine before.


Another possibility is that the sound is produced by some other case components near that rad/fan system, and not directly by the fans - for example, slightly loose dust filter frame. Try this as a way to narrow down exactly what it is. Get a pencil with eraser on the end. Open the case and get it running in a way that makes the noise. Carefully reach around inside with the pencil eraser end and touch things to stop them from vibrating. Start with each fan - use the eraser to slow down and stall one fan at a time, then release it. See if you can find the noise source.
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