Question Wifi 6 - Creating Home Network from scratch


Jul 20, 2017
I just updated my speed through my ISP and now I am looking to upgrade to WIFI 6. I would like to really setup a nice secure network in the house for our smart switches and locks. A network for the kids things / guest access and a network for just my wife and myself to use. I game a lot and we all stream everything (no cable). I am kind of lost at what I am looking at and if it is possible to create 3 or more separate networks in my home.


Ubiquiti could support the multiple VLANs and SSIDs you want, but they don't have WIFI6 access points. I don't think that WIFI 6 is a big deal right now, since it will be several years before there is a majority of client devices that support it.
You likely are looking at making things too complex than you actually need to. There really is very little reason to have separate networks. This is mostly for security. Performance the bottleneck seems to always be the internet connection and having separate networks in your house will not increase internet connection.

A guest network is good but it just allows internet access but prevent access to your lan network.

You want to use ethernet for as much as you possibly can especially gaming devices.

Wifi6 has not been out long enough for us to tell if this is all hype or if there are large advantages. It will run faster because it uses more radio bandwidth. The problems with wifi tend to not be the speed they tend to be the quality. We will see if it can share the radio bandwidth between devices better and if it can solve the huge issue of interference from the neighbors. Since it uses more bandwidth it actually increases the problem of interference since the total bandwidth allowed by the government is exactly the same.