Question Wifi 6 vs. Tri-Band for 3 unit mesh network


Jun 3, 2013
Hello all,

Wondering what your opinions are on prioritizing wifi 6 or tri-band routers for a mesh network that will have 3 routers. For my budget range it looks as though it will definitely come down to one or the other.

Edited to give more usecase information

We are 4 roommates in a 3 story house, some will use ethernet if close enough to a satellite and some will use wifi. For those using wifi, I read somewhere that wifi 6 is still beneficial even if your adapter tops out at ac instead of ax because the routers themselves are better optimized for cross traffic with wifi 6. I also know that tri-band routers can use one of their 5g networks as a dedicated communication channel between the routers. So I am curious as to what you all think is worth prioritizing when budget is likely to allow for one or the other.

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I would avoid wifi6 since wifi6e is coming "soon". It has massive increase in bandwidth in the 6g band so less interference with the neighbors.

If you are really set using mesh then you are best off with the tri-band routers and have them use the second radio as back haul. Note doing this uses all the available 5g bandwidth. It pretty much guarantees you conflict with neighbors. You now have 2 wifi signals that neighbors can interfere with.

Note wifi6 has the same issue because it uses 160mhz channels. That is where the primary speed increase comes from. This is why wifi6e is so nice there is over 800mhz of full power bandwidth.

What I would recommend you do instead is if at all possible use ethernet to connect to the remote rooms and then use the router as a AP. If that is not possible and if you have tv coax consider moca and again routers as AP. You could also consider powerline network instead of the ethernet. it will be much better than any mesh system.