Question Wifi adapter turns off, no power managment tabs, registry trick not working

Jul 16, 2021
OK so as the title says.

I have a Dell XPS13 running Win 10 20h2 update and the wifi adapter turns off after x amount of time even plugged in.

I don't have any power management option in the device or elswhere. I tried the registry trick (adding a dword named "CsEnabled" and value 0) and nothing worked.

I did swap my killer adapter for an actual Intel one (killer adapters are garbage on their best day..) and I have the latest Intel version of the driver installed but...

I noticed that in the driver details I have 4 different locations for it? Also in the event, everytime I try to update the driver, it boots up saying the peripheral had an issue starting. I think I have one too many driver installed but I'm not sure. I could post a picture but I don't know which site you guy prefer for hosting...

I hope I gave enough juice to get some help from you people!


Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS information.

Post pictures via imgur (

Stay out of the Registry. Registry edits are a last resort and the system and data must be fully backed up beforehand.

All too easy to brick the system with a typo or an inappropriate online "trick".