Question Wifi adapter usb dongle getting low signal


Jan 26, 2014
Hey guys, about a month ago i purchased a wifi usb adapter dongle for my laptop , Im using a family members wificox hot spot account , my laptop only uses 2.5ghz and my hotspot uses 5ghz that is why i purchased the wifi adapter, it worked well for about a month but recently im getting only %10 signal on coxwifi, my phone and TV have no issues working with coxwifi, im currently tethering from my phone to laptop using coxwifi hotspot and getting much faster speeds, I rather use my wifi adapter is there anything i can try to get a better signal.
So this used to work ok ?

Maybe the router changed the radio channel it was using because it though too many other neighbors where using other ones. You can change it manually. In general the ones you are allowed to set around the 40 number work better than the ones around 150. This is very hit and miss since everyones walls are different and more routers support the lower number band so more neighbors tend to use it. Nothing to lose by trying. You can set the channel with to 20 or 40 instead of 80. The channel numbers you see in router are only 20mhz wide so it need 2 or 4 of them to run 40 or 80. Setting it other than 80 will drop your top speed but it may be more stable.

Next I would try a USB extension cable to get the device away from metal case. ......This might not be valid for a laptop after rereading the post.

It also depends on what USB device you bought. Many people buy those tiny $5 units which are very low power and have tiny antenna.

At some point you consider a new adapter. What laptop do you have and do you know how hard it is to take apart and get to the wifi card. You might be able to upgrade it with a internal card. The cards pretty much use standard connections and if it is not soldered to the motherboard it is likely you can get a device that has 5g support and uses the antenna internal to the laptop.