Question WiFi-Bluetooth interference conundrum

Nov 17, 2021
I own and use a Samsung Galaxy S7 that has always had an issue with wi-fi whenever I connect my Bluetooth speaker to it. When I connect to the speaker and try and watch a YouTube video or play a song on Spotify the wifi will go into "connected without internet" mode after a few seconds

I understand (roughly) the issue is that both wifi and Bluetooth use the 2.4ghz band although obviously my phone's issue is more extreme

Now to the weird bit, I bought a wi-fi network extender recently and I've noticed that when connected to the WiFi extender (and not the router itself like previously) the Bluetooth issue no longer exists when I connect to the speaker and watch YouTube videos, why is that?? I can't figure it out. Both the router and the extender output 2.4ghz WiFi so why is Bluetooth a problem when connected to the router and not the extender?

It's not a range thing either, I could be standing 5ft from the router and still have the Bluetooth issue

I've checked and both networks operate on channel 1 with the same channel width, so what's making the difference?